Floyd PULSES on...

The Pink Floyd Experience would like to thank everyone that came to our Australia/New Zealand shows on our recent PULSE tour.

We had a fantastic time putting it all together over many months and then finally taking it on the road. We really felt like this was the best quality show we have delivered so far. The crowd response was often overwhelming with standing ovations every night plus we got some amazing reviews.

With that tour now behind us we are currently planning 2017. Our plans at this stage include a New Zealand Tour 25th April-26th May, Australia in June and then the USA in August. We do hope to have dates up on our site over the next month. NZ tour dates will go on sale 1st November 2016.

Musically at this stage we don’t want to let too much out of the bag, but it will be something very special as it is our 20th Anniversary next year plus it’s the 40th Anniversary of Floyd’s Animals album. We have just started working on designing the new show and getting all the dates and ticketing etc all contracted. Once we have some artwork we will announce the new show on this site.

You can check out some amazing photos from the PULSE tour on our photo gallery or our Facebook page (and don't forget to ‘Like’ our page to keep up with the latest news!)

Again, on behalf of all the band, crew and management, a big thank you everyone for such amazing support over the last 20 years. PFE

FAR OUT GUYS!!!! Talk about amazing, I was like many other Floyd fans off to the show, not really expecting to have my socks blown off. Awesome show! Having not being able to see the real David Gilmour troop now I feel I don’t need to. You guys filled the bill only thing was 3hrs plus just wasn’t long enough... ”

“You have really pushed the envelope with the lights and special effects. It was truly amazing!!!! The set list was fantastic. Most, if not all, my favorite numbers... but I guess others think similar and that is why you played them. The band played tremendously, such energy!!”

“It wasn't very good, it was bloody awesome! My 2 sons and I were blown away by the nearly 3 hour show. Your version of Echoes was mesmerising and Comfortably Numb was stunning. In fact every song was great. You guys (and ladies) have a lot to be proud of.”

“This music ‘pulses’ in the veins of the audience even after the show has ended. The show is a must see for all Pink Floyd fans. This is no mere tribute show... Five stars is even a bit of an understatement.”

Jaylin de Klerk, Artslink 2011