The Crew

Andy Craig

Andy Craig (Sound Engineer)

Andy would undoubtedly be the best sound engineer in New Zealand. Well that’s our opinion anyway. He has been involved in music and sound all his life. His sound company Western Audio owns some of the best PA equipment in the country and Andy probably possesses the best ears in the country.

Having done sound for PFE for 20 years Andy is an integral part of the band. He is also a master prankster himself and is probably one of the last people you want to prank because payback can be a bitch sometimes. Having worked for many international and local artists he loves working with The Pink Floyd Experience. It’s a very complicated setup yet Andy handles it all with ease and when you come to the show one thing you will notice is the great sound and also the great little details in the sound. We don’t call him ‘The Professor’ for nothing!

gil eva craig

Gil Eva Craig (Monitor Engineer)

Gil Eva Craig is an Audio Engineer from Wellington New Zealand. She has been mixing monitors for the Pink Floyd Experience for the past six years.

As well as live sound engineering, Gil is a theatre sound designer. She has been nominated for several Chapman Tripp awards for both design and original music, and won best sound design in 2010 for The December Brother. She has also mixed numerous albums, including two Tui award winners.

Gil is also a bassist, currently playing in a duo with Charlotte Yates, and regularly exhibits as a photographic artist.


Don McCallum (‘The Don’)

We don’t call him ‘The Don’ for nothing. Don has been a vital part of the Pink Floyd Experience family for many years. He has a never-ending list of skills to draw from but, most importantly, he gets the gear to the gigs safely and on time, and he makes sure nothing falls out of the roof.

We celebrate ‘Don’ day every year in appreciation for one show when the rest of the crew were fogged in at an airport and he basically put the whole lighting rig up on his own! When you look up the word ‘LEGEND’ in the dictionary you will find a smiling picture of Don, saving the day wherever he might be!

Glenn Border

Glenn ‘G’ Border (Lighting Designer)

When he was 17 Glenn went on the road with his first band. He claims he is 107 now, so that makes him either really bad at maths, severely affected by Alzheimer’s, or a bloody liar.

It is true though, that at 17 Glenn went on the road to learn the lighting trade. Some years later he has finally figured out what colour ‘blue’ is. From these humble beginnings in a ratty, buggered old Morris truck, along with seven other smelly individuals and $5.00 per week wages (for stamps to send letters home asking for money) he somehow managed to get where he is today.

He still has no clue exactly where that is, but if he turns up for the show you will probably find him behind the lighting desk randomly pushing buttons in no particular order. The Pink Floyd Experience have managed to keep him with us and out of prison for about 14 years despite his yearning to start a miniature donkey breeding farm in Spain.

David Seaton

David Seaton (Lighting design and programming)

Lor’ luv a duck! David Seaton, born many years ago on da Dark Side norf ov da Equator ‘e’s been mainly theatre-based, workin’ on straight an’ not-so-straight plays, musicals an’ dance befawer a lightin’ career in  London’s West End in da 1980s and 90s. Many hours  spent’ samplin’ da finest ales aroun’da English Nashunal Opera an’da London Palladium. Know wot I mean?

e’s co-lightin’ designer an’ programmer fer dis one, recreatin’ da stunning looks fer each venue an’ dealin’ wiv random button pushes on da desk. He’n‘is liver are delighted ter be back once again fer mawer buntin’ an’ frolics wiv th’ Pink Floyd Experence. ’Nuff said, yeh?

Ferrit Daweasel

Ferrit Daweasel (Lighting and Stuff)

Ferrit is part of the lighting team so usually does what ‘G’ tells him to do. He talks all the time and is generally telling variations of the same story to everybody in the Pink Floyd Experience whanau.

Ferrit is the class clown and team artist. Next time you stay in a hotel or motel have a look behind the paintings hanging on the wall. There’s a good chance you’ll see some of Ferrit’s handiwork!

Why Ferrit? Well, as the saying goes ‘anything is better than Ferret down your trousers’!


Warren Keene

Warren (Wazza) is the video/camera guy in control of camera switching and video images that everyone sees during the show, taking the audience on a visual journey through space and time. He has been active in the NZ music industry for 16 years working with some of the world’s best acts who tour through NZ each year. 

Wazza’s love of Pink Floyd is as big as any big Floyd fan out there. He even got the opportunity to work on Roger Waters’ The Wall production which toured through NZ.

He can be seen sneaking around catering on a regular basis as all video guys like to do.

Scott Banks

Scott Banks (Merchandise)

Scott first began to stalk the Pink Floyd Experience back in 2004/05 during their Australian tour and he hasn’t left them alone since. To a point when, in 2013, knowing he’d be hanging around again, guitarist Daz frustrated him by suggesting that he work for them properly for a change. So he joined up during the Dark Side tour, being  assigned to the merchandise desk and some loading. Since that tour he’s built the PFE merchandise empire up to one of the best displays you’ll see anywhere.

Scott’s often been asked by tour punters of the part he plays on tour, to which he casually replies that he helps manage the merch desk whilst in New Zealand and that he’s also the band’s back-up muso on spoons. So far his talents with cutlery haven’t been required as the others are all too talented with their own tools – Syd Barrett would’ve found a place for him up there though!

Outside of the Pink Floyd Experience leviathan Scott freelances in website design and site maintenance, working from home in Australia (which means he can still stalk the band on both sides of the Tasman!). He describes his nationality as ‘Kiwistralian’.

If you received this book through other nefarious means please come on over to the merch desk out the front of house and say Hi to Scott and the crew, they love hearing your Floyd stories and selling you some awesome merch gear! The recent merch team has included the likes of Barry and Robin (which Scott believe makes him “Maurice”), with some excellent part-timers in the bigger centres. Their motto, as always - “We make them look good”. They don’t photograph well, preferring to remain in the shadows.

Simon Cuthbert

Simon Cuthbert (Chef)

One thing about The Pink Floyd Experience is they absolutely love their food and good food at that. That’s where Simon comes in. A great chef with years of experience he is also a bit of a nomad, so touring with a band, plus all the perks of a tour, is right up his alley.

When not backstage cooking Simon can be found at a supermarket or liquor store upsetting someone, usually the person behind the counter. We have tried to fire him twice but he has skills that no one else we have met possesses and he’s a top guy too.

Oh, and his steaks are to die for (sorry Rog’)!

Craig Walshe

Craig Walsh  (Video Creative Director)

We are very fortunate to have Craig on our video design team. He is responsible for creating and producing all the videos and graphics for the ‘Animals’ album on this tour.

Craig and his company “KOR’, based in Auckland, conceptualised  the 5x camera set up and got us all excited about introducing a lot more video elements to the show.

We know you will be impressed!

nev sm2

Neville (Gnometrician)

A self-confessed ‘cheeky little bugger’, Nev joined The Experience on our 10th Anniversary tour in 2007 after running away from his home in Invercargill.

Nev originally persuaded his mate Doc to accompany him on his new adventures, however Doc was such a wuss that he piked out at Timaru and returned to Invercargill early without seeing his 10th Anniversary contract out! Editor of the Pink Floyd Experience Blog and now the proud owner of his very own tech startup, Nevtech Gnometronics, Nev has supplied us with a wealth of autobiographical material – as much as the rest of the crew combined and far too much to post on this page. Read the full story here...