The Pink Floyd Experience have almost become a household name in New Zealand and Australia after 22 years of regular touring and consistently delivering a world class show.

With nearly 20 albums of Pink Floyd music to choose from, the Experience have had plenty of material to draw inspiration and ideas from to create a different show every time they tour.  Of all the shows performed, two shows that really stood out and garnered the band the highest praise, were their 2017’s Animals Tour & 2019’s The Wall Tour.

2021 sees the Pink Floyd Experience return with a show that features both of these iconic albums in their entirety.

The First half kicks off with 1977’s Animals, a dark brooding social commentary full of Roger Waters cynicism and thought provoking lyrics punctuated with psychedelic instrumental moments and soaring guitar solos.

The second half (definitely the main event) features The Wall as you have never seen before, in all its glory performed note for note , brick by brick, an emotionally charged dramatic presentation that will blow your mind.

These two great albums performed by this group of ten passionate musicians and a highly skilled technical team is delivered as a breath taking sound and visual experience that has to be experienced to be believed. This is the ultimate Pink Floyd Rock show!

The must see show of 2021!



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