Calling All Pink Floyd Tour Groupies: See the Tribute Show in Toowoomba

Are you a diehard Floyd head? Do you know someone whose favourite band is Pink Floyd? Do you wish you could return to the days when Pink Floyd was on tour? Maybe it’s David Gilmour’s guitar solos that drew you in to their unique sound. Do you remember the days when Rick Wright intricately played the piano? Maybe you just crave the crooning vocals of Waters and Gilmour that transport you to a different time and place.

No matter what it is that you loved and miss about the iconic rock band, In the Flesh Productions Ltd delivers with our Pink Floyd Tribute in Toowoomba. Not only are we celebrating the 40-year anniversary of Pink Floyd’s album, Animals, we are also celebrating 20 years of bringing their authentic sound to you with the Pink Floyd Experience. This is indeed a Floyd fan’s dream concert.

Pink Floyd Tribute in Toowoomba Loaded with Authenticity

Our goal is to make sure you leave the Pink Floyd Show in Toowoomba with the feeling that you experienced the magic of the iconic band as they were out on tour. We don’t look at this show as a tribute; we view it as a resurrection! Our team shows an impeccable attention to detail when recreating songs from Floyd’s three hit albums we showcase; Animals, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here. You’ll hear classics like Brain damage, Wish You Were Here, Time, Money, and Shine on You Crazy Diamond. Each song performed perfectly will leave you feeling as though the original Pink Floyd members were on stage.

The show is performed by world class musicians using state of the art sound and lighting equipment run by a fantastic crew. Every person involved in this show has an absolute passion for all things related to Pink Floyd, and that shows in our performance. Toowoomba will be wowed as we impart respect and dignity into each song, showing reverence for the iconic legends of Pink Floyd. We are fortunate enough to be able to do what we love, performing music we admire, for the most loyal fans around. In return, we strive to give you the most authentic performance we possibly can.

Are you Ready Toowoomba? Pink Floyd the Experience is Coming!

Tickets for the Toowoomba Pink Floyd Tour are on sale now. Don’t miss your chance to experience the electricity and dynamics of a crowd immersed in authentic Pink Floyd sound. In this tribute, we perform each song just as it was performed originally, taking extra care to replicate the subtle nuances only a true Floyd Head would appreciate.

Purchase your tickets for the Pink Floyd tour in Toowoomba now. You can use links on our website’s booking page, or go directly to official authorised booking agencies like Ticketmaster, Ticketek, and Ticketdirect. We would like to remind each fan in Toowoomba to use care when procuring tickets for our shows. Don’t go through a scalper and don’t let yourself get scammed. We don’t want our fans disappointed on the day of the show. Please use authorised dealers only. We look forward to seeing you on tour!

Posted 14 months ago by Amy Ambrose


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