Sydney Pink Floyd Tribute Tour Show

This Pink Floyd Tribute Band is Going on Tour Through Sydney for an Incredible Show

Classic rock fans will probably argue for the rest of their lives over which 20th-century rockers deserve a place of honour above the rest—bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and The Who each have their own massive and dedicated base of fans. For many though, the most iconic and influential band of the last hundred years is indisputable: Pink Floyd. Bursting onto the London scene in the 1960s and reaching international acclaim by the 70s, Pink Floyd was widely considered to be one of the most revolutionary bands ever to play rock n’ roll. With their deeply philosophical lyrics, experimental musicianship and incredible live performances, their impact on popular music cannot possibly be overstated.

Pink Floyd no longer goes on tour though, having broken up after the release of 2014’s The Endless River. While this has certainly been a blow to long-time fans of the band that have never had the opportunity to see them perform in concert, there’s still a way to experience all your favourite Pink Floyd songs at a live show in Sydney. Get ready for one of the most explosive and monumental tours from any band this year when In the Flesh Productions Ltd teams up with The Pink Floyd Experience for a brand-new Pink Floyd tribute in Sydney and other cities.

The Pink Floyd Experience has long been known throughout Australia and New Zealand as a tribute band that performs visually spectacular shows and faithful renditions of classic Pink Floyd material. Successful tours in the tribute band’s catalogue include The Back Catalogue, Pulse, and The Wall. Now, for the first time, the band will gather to perform three of Pink Floyd’s greatest albums: Animals, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here. You’ll hear these classic Floyd records from start to finish, during a live show that would make the band themselves proud. This concert is the best possible way to experience the music of Pink Floyd in a live setting.

Just Like a Real Pink Floyd Tour Passing Through Sydney

The Pink Floyd Experience isn’t just a catchy name—it’s also an accurate way to describe what you’ll have when you see this show in action. That’s because each member of this 11-piece musical ensemble is passionate and dedicated to recreating the music of Pink Floyd as accurately as possible. When you listen to these renditions of beloved hits like Dogs or Great Gig in the Sky, you’ll feel as though the original group is jamming right before you.

Contact Us Today and Purchase Your Tickets

This Sydney Pink Floyd tribute tour isn’t to be missed if you’re a diehard fan of Pink Floyd, so make sure you get your tickets before they’re gone! Contact In the Flesh Productions Ltd today or order your tickets online from their website now—then get ready for a night that will live in your memory as long as the Pink Floyd itself. Shine on, you crazy diamonds. Shine on.

Posted 14 months ago by Amy Ambrose


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