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The Hottest Pink Floyd Tribute Band in Australia is on Tour

The 1970s produced some of the greatest rock n’ roll bands in history, but few had the lasting impact of Pink Floyd. Regarded as an enigma even during their own time, legions of fans still remember Floyd today for their cryptic lyrics, technical skill and sweeping sonic arrangements. Unfortunately, Pink Floyd’s last studio release took place in 2014, and the band stopped touring following the death of keyboardist Richard Wright (along with that of founding member, Syd Barrett). That means you are out of luck if you were hoping to catch Pink Floyd on tour—or perhaps not? Maybe it’s not too late to these amazing musical sounds, live.

In the Flesh Productions Ltd is excited to announce a new show from the greatest Pink Floyd tribute band playing in Australia—and perhaps the world. The Pink Floyd Experience is hitting the road in 2017 with an entirely new production. This incredibly authentic Pink Floyd tribute band has already been making headlines throughout Australia for their faithful sound and high quality production values. With successful tours in their back pockets like The Wall, The Back Catalogue, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Pulse the band has already gained a devoted following of old school Floyd fans and new converts alike.

In the Flesh and The Pink Floyd Experience stands poised to set a new standard for their tours with the Animals 40th Anniversary Tour, which promises to set a high standard for future live performances in every city it performs in. This tour heavily features three of the most iconic and indispensable albums in the band’s career: Animals, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here. Each of these albums was met with critical acclaim upon release, and the music still holds up as some of the finest rock n’ roll ever produced. With a Pink Floyd tribute this amazing, Australia can once again revel in the sounds of this landmark musical act.

A Pink Floyd Tribute Band So Good You’ll Hardly Notice the Difference

In the Flesh Productions is committed to producing some of the greatest shows in the nation, so we’ve poured everything into an experience that even the most demanding fans will find faithful to the original group’s music. Close your eyes, and you’ll swear that you’re listening to Pink Floyd themselves! The Pink Floyd Experience performs each album in its entirety from beginning to end, so you hear these works of art just as the artists intended.

Every Sound Recaptured in Exquisite Detail

The Pink Floyd Experience goes to great lengths to make sure that their work pays proper homage to these legendary musicians. Each note played by every instrument is laboured over to achieve the same tone and style as that of Gilmour, Rogers and the rest of the band. If you’re a Floyd fan, watching a performance from this tour is a dream come true. Contact In the Flesh Productions Ltd today and get your tickets for The Pink Floyd Experience!

Posted 14 months ago by Amy Ambrose


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