Pink Floyd Tribute Show

The Best Pink Floyd Tribute Show Anywhere

Pink Floyd has endured in one form or another for over five decades. What makes this band so unique and enduring that a group of friends would decide to one day play a tribute show? Moreover, how were those friends able to take that one performance and build it into a Pink Floyd tribute band that has toured internationally? Simply, the band’s music is powerful and speaks to fans and performers on a deep emotional level. It is our wish to bring some of that connection to our audiences this year.

The Pink Floyd Experience put on their first Pink Floyd show twenty years ago, and in that time they have performed the group’s biggest hits and deepest cuts. They are masters of the style and look, which makes them the best Pink Floyd tribute band you will ever see.

Soon you have a chance to experience for yourself what makes even the most hardcore fan of the band appreciate our effort and skill. Attend one of our upcoming concerts and immerse yourself in the Pink Floyd Experience. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Brought to you by In The Flesh Productions Ltd, the upcoming Pink Floyd tribute tour in Australia is a show you will long remember. Purchase your tickets from our official website and avoid scammers selling fake tickets.

Breathtaking Pink Floyd Show

In The Flesh Productions Ltd is proud to inform you that we are bringing the Pink Floyd Experience to your area. This Pink Floyd tribute show is the most authentic time you will have without seeing the official band. They make every effort to ensure they perform the band’s songs with precision and heart. Whether you are a casual listener or a super fan, this concert will take your breath away.
For this Pink Floyd Tribute Show, PFE is playing three of the band’s most famous and celebrated albums: Animals, Wish You Were Here, and Dark Side of the Moon. The themes of loss, fear, and oppression are just as relevant today as when these albums were first released, and their sounds are just as wondrous.

Bask in the glory of this masterful replica of a timeless prog rock band. Tickets are available from In the Flesh Productions Ltd.

The Pink Floyd Experience is the Name of the Game

Everyone has their own opinion about tribute bands; some people love them while others hate them. In The Flesh knows this, which is why we make an effort to bring you nothing but the best in cover bands, and The Pink Floyd Experience is one of our most respected acts.

This group has been performing for over two decades, and in that time they have proven they have what it takes to do their namesake justice. They use the same instruments and props for their concerts as the real band, and they have a large entourage of backup singers and players to bring you the full effect of being at an original Pink Floyd show.

When you want to get as close as you can to Pink Floyd without actually seeing the band, order tickets for the Pink Floyd Experience on In The Flesh’s website. Tickets for 2017 are coming soon.


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