Nevtech Gnometronics

A self-confessed ‘cheeky little bugger’, Nev joined The Experience on our 10th Anniversary tour in 2007 after running away from his home in Invercargill. He originally persuaded his mate Doc to accompany him on his new adventures, however Doc was such a wuss that he piked out at Timaru and returned to Invercargill early without seeing his 10th Anniversary contract out!

Nev is only too happy to leave his goldfish pond in Invercargill to take up another contract with The Experience whenever the opportunity presents itself.He’s already done three NZ Tours and the lastBack Catalogue tour in Aussie. Nev loves touring, describing it as a ‘real blast’! He really enjoys life on the road, the late-night parties and, of course, what he refers to as the ‘three Gs’– Groupies, Grolsh beer and Germish bourbon – though not always in that order.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Nev is an absolute party animal when he tours. On his first tour with The Experience he drank so much Germish in one sitting that he vomited in Christchurch but, undeterred, he entered into the party spirit again in Palmerston North before falling off a table, ‘face planting’ and then literally breaking his arse! He finished that tour being rushed back to Wellington for urgent surgery and recuperation. Nev also fell off a lighting stack while touring in Aussie, we think he may have been smoking something funny up there but Nev has always blamed one of the lighting crew, who he says pushed him (he says he’s reporting the offender to the RSPCGG if it happens again).

When his contract was terminated at the end of last the tour Nev was sent back home to Invercargill to consider his future and an improvement in his attitude, but this time round we’re still looking for any positive sign that this has actually happened. For everyone’s sake we’re all just hoping that he’s calmed down a little bit, he’s becoming a bit of a liability.

We have suggested that Nev consider more wholesome pursuits then drinking and smoking during his down-time. Unfortunately he gave up his fishing pastime some years ago, as he never caught anything and the time was mostly spent in solitude sitting by an uninhabited goldfish pond in Invercargill and (occasionally) being pissed on by the neighbor’s cat. He’s considered taking up duck shooting but we’re not convinced that Nev can be left in charge of any firearms.

Since touring with the Pink Floyd Experience, Nev has set up a website detailing his experiences and life on the road with the band. As he says, it’s not all Grolsch, Germish and Groupies! Unfortunately this has been blacklisted by Nev’s ISP and we can’t say when (or if) Nev will be online again.

To keep him occupied and out of trouble between tours we once delegated Nev the task of updating the band’s blog page. Once again, this page appears to have disappeared, possibly due to Nev’s non-PC rantings and ravings. While we may agree with many of Nev’s views, a publicly accessible blog is perhaps not the best place to express them, especially while under the influence of Groslch, Germish or Grass (or Groupies for that matter).

Comments, feedback or ‘flames’ for Nev may be directed via the Talk To Us page on this website.


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