Pink Floyd Experience Pulse 2011 (Joburg Theatre)

This music pulses in the veins of the audience even after the show has ended.

Utter darkness, a spotlight shines brightly on the first musician, the spotlight moves, highlighting even more talent until the stage is full of light; the audience hold their breath until the first word is sung. Lights shine and laser beams dance, the overall performance was and still is spectacular.

The night started off with the programme, most people flick through them in absolute boredom, trying to pass the time. But this programme got many audience members laughing. It’s wonderfully written, revealing secrets of the band members’ favourite pranks and activities.

The music had no faults, each and every band member obviously has talent and enjoyed what they were doing and playing. It was so good to see them ‘feeling the music’ whereas many other shows have the members merely playing the music, waiting for the show to be over. I could see the disappointment but satisfaction as the last note of the night was played.

Stan Gratkowski was definitely perfect for the role he played, he did a wonderful impersonation of the real Pink Floyd lead singer, Roger Waters. After doing some research, it’s easy to tell that the performance was done by the book, making sure to keep all the original animations used in the real Pink Floyd performances. The only fault I had with Gratowski was he was very soft compared to the rest of the band. The lyrics were often hard to hear, although it must have just been his voice because when the drummer, Rob Ju, took the stage, every word of his was clear as a bell.

The lighting effects were amazing and really had a massive, positive impact on the performance. Unfortunately, I had a few unintentional lighting effects added to my experience in the seats next to me and rows in front of me. I don’t know how much good it will do to have an announcement before the show, requesting no photography – especially with flash – and that all cellphones should be turned off. Also, I would appreciate it if the audience had a bathroom break beforehand to avoid having to go during the show.

If the performance had any glitches, I did not see or hear them. The show is a must see for all Pink Floyd fans. This is no mere tribute show, the band members and vocalists all contribute to making the performance seem so realistic, as if one were watching the originals making music. Five stars is even a bit of an understatement; this show requires no judging, it already seems perfect.

Jaylin de Klerk (ARTSLINK SOUTH AFRICA) 08/19/2011


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