Concert Review - The Pink Floyd Experience

"Fans are lost within the sweeping waves, some, heads back with eyes closed, others already having moved to the aisle to allow the melodies to flow through their limbs as they submit their physical form in tribute"

Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland, New Zealand - Review by Sarah Kidd. Photography by Reef Reid.

Pink Floyd were an English rock band who arguably created some of the most well-known and aesthetically pleasing music in the world today. Roger Waters lyricism was second to none, David Gilmours guitar playing often referred to as ‘the missing link between Hendrix and Van Halen’, and when combined with the talents of Nick Mason and Richard Wright, Floyd were a formidable quartet who mixed the elements of progressive and psychedelic rock in all the right ways.

Sadly, since their 1965 founding, Wright has passed away, two of the remaining members Waters and Gilmour unlikely to ever step onto a stage together again – the last time they did as a part of Pink Floyd being well over a decade ago during the infamous London Live 8 concert in 2005 which was the first (and regrettably last) time they had in over twenty-four years.

Enter The Pink Floyd Experience; created in 1997 and touring internationally since 2004, this outstanding collection of performers and crew deliver breathtaking shows that encompass not only Pink Floyd’s music, but their ideals, atmosphere and the overall thrill of attending a live Pink Floyd show.

This year’s tour sees them once again take on what seems like the impossible, a two part show where the first half delivers a collection of the band’s personal Pink Floyd favourites, the second a tribute to The Wall, one of the greatest concept albums of all time, which coincidentally is also celebrating its fortieth anniversary.

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