Stan Gratkowski

(Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar) Stan is a founding member of the Pink Floyd Experience & has probably done more gigs in his lifetime than most people would have had hot dinners. A great vocalist, drummer & all round top guy without the slightest hint of an ego. Not really a prankster or a mischief maker Stan tends to watch from the sidelines with a bourbon in hand as the madness starts to descend upon the tour. A very staunch meditator often on tour & off tour, he can be sometimes found meditating in a chair, on a couch, on the grass outside the venue & even in a bed. This enables him to perform at his best for 3 hours & then help load the truck, pack up the gear & sweep the stage without complaining. 

Glen Ahearn

(Keyboard) Glen plays keyboards & looks after all the high tech stuff like programming & sound effects. He also takes care of all the mundane stuff like marketing, book keeping & all that other crap that no one else would dare take on!  Armed with the best ears in the band, due to 20 odd years of working with some of the best hi-fi equipment available, Glen can hear detail & little things that most people would never hear on an album in a lifetime. He can even hear things that aren’t there!  A proud father and a great mate to all who know him, he is a founding member of the Pink Floyd Experience and continues to inspire us all to raise the bar even higher every time we tour.

Darren Whittaker

(Guitar/Lap Steel Guitar) 
With nearly 35 years experience in the industry, Darren is the third founding member of The Pink Floyd Experience. To say he's passionate about music is a serious understatement. If not busy working on his own bands and projects he will be found encouraging and supporting others to advance their musical talents. Facilitating regular jam nights and supporting local open mics, Darren loves to get behind other musicians and artists and create the space to make music. Described as warm and humble, his positive enthusiasm has a way of rubbing off on others, keeping the team positive and upbeat. He says Pink Floyd has been a huge part of his life, so it’s fitting to have ended up playing in a band that is purely a tribute to Floyd.

Martin Mitchell

Marty “Stratman” Mitchell is a longtime stalker of The Pink Floyd Experience. As he has spent so much time following us around over the years we thought we’d better give him something to do!A self-confessed Floyd obsessive, Marty admits to having over 500 Floyd concert recordings! When not playing with us he plays with In The Pink, an Auckland-based Floyd show. Marty can also be found playing solo gigs around the Bay of Plenty under the name Stratman – The Lord of the Strings.

Ken Te Tau

‘Rumble Foot’ is one half of the Pink Floyd Experience’s solid rhythm section.  A dynamic bass player Ken is also a very accomplished guitarist especially acoustic guitar. Being Maori, Ken also has a natural ear for great harmonies.  A man full of wisdom, Ken is often the one person who can talk other members out of doing something really stupid, like getting really drunk after a show knowing you have a 6am lobby call or throwing the backing vocalists into the motel swimming pool, with all their clothes on, just before a show! Able to bring calm to any situation, and being probably the most sensible person in the band. But never underestimate the man as he is known to let loose every now & then!

Roger Poropiti Rangitaawa

A multi-talented Maori, Roger plays percussion, guitar and a whole stack of traditional Maori instruments.  A very accomplished musician with years of experience behind him and a solid jazz foundation, Roger can be often seen touring with various well known NZ artists when not playing with the Pink Floyd Experience. Roger is a staunch family man and a hard worker, equally at home rigging the lights, driving and unloading the truck, or generally doing all the hard yakka that everyone else in the band tries their hardest to avoid.  Loves boil-ups, fish heads, dough boys and is a vegetarian (poor fella!).

Rob Ju

Drummer, singer, rhythm guitar exponent & mimic extraordinaire, Rob was born with more talent than you can shake a stick at! An accomplished boat-builder & woodworker, he even manufactures his own line of high-quality snare drums from both native & exotic timbers. With the ability to live off the land Rob is equally at home in the bush hunting or in a workshop knocking something together. Rumour has it that his diet at times has consisted of such fine delicacies as Weta, Huhu Grubs & the odd Bush Worm.  A freak on the golf course after winning the Pink Floyd Experience Cup while playing his first-ever game of golf & forcing a couple of band members & crew into early retirement.

Jeremy Fitzsimons

(Percussion | Keyboards | Sound effects)
Jeremy has been freelancing as a percussionist in Wellington for the last 25 years. Now principal percussionist for Orchestra Wellington.  Jeremy joined us in 2011 when we first performed the Pulse show. Jeremy is a founding member of an international touring percussion troupe called Strike and also a member of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  A great addition to the Experience's sound and a very dependable guy to have on the road. Quite a sensible chap Jeremy manages to stay below the radar most of the time, avoiding any mischief and shenanigans and going home at the end of a tour with his dignity reasonably intact. Lucky bugger we say!!


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